I'm Constant and this is my portfolio.

My passion is making digital products with a great User Experience. I'm well-acquainted with Webdesign, User Experience and have a foundation in Programming.

Next to that I'm schooled in Digital productions, Marketing and a Certified SCRUMmaster. Here you'll find examples of things I created and worked on.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Mobiele App kunstevenement

User Experience

A good User Experience enables the user to interact in a natural, fluent and logical way with a product.

A proper understanding of the needs and behaviours of the user is essential.This understanding comes through research; creating personas, focus groups and usability testing.


Great Webdesign adheres to the rules of User Experience, combining solidified interaction principles with new variations on understandable concepts.

The design itself needs to breathe the style that brand or product wants to communicate through an effective and consistent styleguide.


Excellent User Experience and slick Webdesign are essential, but what about making those concepts and designs tangible?

Implementing the desired solutions takes care and craft. It strives to make the product not only appealing to the user, but also grounded on an extensible and scalable foundation that is ready for the future.

Programmed a responsive book cover-selector

- covers are automatically recalculated and distributed on change of the window -

Programmed a responsive book-selector

- this showcases our photo books in a handy size comparison -